About EcoSmart LLC.

Our Goals

Welcome to "Keep My America Clean" powered by EcoSmart. We provide vertical commercial cleaning solutions specializing in "Eco-friendly Pressure Wash Techniques". Our goal is to make America the cleanest country in North America. Our approach is to, clean America one city, one building, one sidewalk, one curb, and one bridge at a time.

What's In It For You?

Protect America's curb appeal and image by integrating EcoSmart's service plans. From monthly to annual service plans, pressure washing saves money and provides the following benefits:

  • Enhances your company's image
  • Protects your paint investment
  • Reduces microbial build-up
  • Removes pollen allergens from exterior

Your exterior image is important to your customer, America needs your efforts in bolstering its image. Call today!!!  832.429.5727

Image Is Everything

 "Keep My America Clean" powered by EcoSmart, is a positive step towards improving your company's first impressions. We provide a higher level of customer service, to make America a greater place to work and live. At the end of the day EcoSmart "We Keep America Clean".

Eco-Friendly Methodology


Environmental Impact

EcoSmart is committed to bio-friendly cleaning methods. We utilize variable pressure levels  (1200 psi to 3800 psi) combined with temperatures up to 240 degrees without the use of chemicals.


In the event Eco-friendly pressure wash methods are not effective, EcoSmart uses biodegradable products that protect your landscape and working climates.

Waste Water Reclaim and Recycle

Municipal requirements in most cities require Pressure Wash companies to have on-site ability to Reclaim/Recycle waste water preventing storm drain contamination.

Asset Protection

Commercial General Liability 

  • $1,000,000  Each Occurrence
  • $2,000,000  General Aggregate
  • $2,000,000  Products and Completed Operations

Business Automobile Liability

  • $1,000,000 Any One Accident Combined Single Limit

Workers Compensation Insurance

  • $1,000,000


Safety is always First. We operate with your customer and employees safety in mind.  EcoSmarts staff wear Personal Protection Equipment and completes Job Hazards Analysis on all job sites prior to each work shift.

OSHA 30 Certified

We Provide

On site First Aid Kit

Location of Nearest Minor Emergency Clinic

Posted Client Emergency Contact Numbers

Identify Nearest Restroom

Mandatory Break  Periods

Chilled Bottled Water and Gatorade Provided


EcoSmart use state of the art pressure wash equipment Landa Ecos 7000.

Specs and Attachments

  • Variable Pressure Wands1200 Psi Up to 3800 Psi 
  • 6 Gallons Per Minute Cleaning Action
  • 400 Gallons Water Capacity Onboard
  • 240 degree Hot Water Capability 
  • Ability to Recycle/Reclaim Waste Water
  • No Splash 15" thru 30" Inch Hot Surface Cleaners
  • Telescopic Wand Up To 24 Ft.
  • Storm Drain Protection Mats and Dams
  • 24 Ft. Extension Ladder

Commercial Services

"We Keep America Clean" 832.429.5727

Community Partnerships

Green Projects


 EcoSmart, donated equipment and man hours to the Player Networking Event (www.pneinfo.com). Former and active NFL players participated in various community "Green" events during the week of Super Bowl LI. Toyota an official sponsor of PNE event, encourages ongoing Green Initiatives.

Community Development


EcoSmart is an active advocate of underserved neighborhood redevelopment. If your organization has a comprehensive project that is directed towards revitalizing underserved communities. Please send your request in the Contact Us section below.



Former NFL Players-Authors at PNE sponsored Literacy Matters book signing. This event promotes the importance of literacy in every step of a student-athletes academic journey. Active and retired NFL players who have published books, partnered with Barnes & Noble to highlight the importance Literacy and how it impacts young aspiring students.

We Support Veterans


If you are a Veteran of United States Military, and are interested in employment or business opportunities please use the Contact Us section below.

Diversity Certifications


EcoSmart is currently seeking certification as a SBE and Minority Enterprise  with following entities:

City of Houston, City of Atlanta

City of Dallas

Metro Transit Authority

Houston Independent School District

Fort Bend Independent School District

Houston Community College 

Clean It Green It

Our company's Mission statement is to make America "The cleanest country in North America". It is our goal to partner with private and public sectors in promoting "The Clean It & Green It Project". This ambitious effort advocates cleaning communities and planting sustainable urban farms. 

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Keep America Clean

powered by EcoSmart




Monday - Friday:  9am - 5pm

Lets Talk

Tell Us Your Interests

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Keep America Clean

powered by EcoSmart




Monday - Friday:  9am - 5pm